WELCOME!!! We’re so delighted to have you here… There are 3 things for you to do…

1 – Join the private Facebook Group (there are TWO private Facebook groups, please make sure you select the Facebook Group for you)

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2 – Check the PINNED POST at the top of the Facebook Group. Its the ‘LOGISTICS VIDEO’ and covers all the logistics that you need to know for the program. It has everything you’ll need to know (including how to contact the team, when the weekly calls will be, what to expect etc)

3 – Watch your FIRST Training Video & do the accompanying exercises. This is the “SET UP” video which you’ll find by clicking the top left section below. (hint: its ALSO added into the Facebook Group, and you can find ALL my training videos in your facebook group by using #KateVideo in the Facebook search function!)

4 – Read through your HANDBOOK
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